Audition to select M'sian team for World C'ship

Kota Kinabalu: Those involved in performing arts in Sabah are invited to strut their stuff during an audition to select a Malaysian team for the World Championship of Performing Arts (WCOPA) in Hollywood, Los Angeles, this July.

The walk-in audition for vocal, dance, music, modelling and acting categories will be held at the Sabah Institute of Art at KK Times Square from 10am to 6pm from March 14 to 15.

The audition for the Kota Kinabalu selection is jointly organised by the Society of Performing Arts Kota Kinabalu, Sabah (SPArks) and Sabah Institute of Art (SIA), while the main sponsor is MATME Sdn Bhd in cooperation with National Art and Culture Department (JKKN).

SPArKS advisor Cheong Kok Ann said the WCOPA is an annual championship that is going to be held 19th time but for Malaysia, it is the 10th time.

"This is a first collaboration of SPArKs with the private company, MATME Sdn Bhd and JKKN to organise the audition here for participants from Sabah and Sarawak while the same audition in Kuala Lumpur will cater to participants from the peninsula.

"We are pleased and honoured to be chosen to organise this important audition here because we are providing a platform and gateway to performing artistes in Sabah to show what they have and give them the chance to push forward their dreams to be in the Malaysian team," he said.

Speaking to reporters in a press conference at SIA building here Wednesday, Cheong said the Malaysian team will be bringing a Sabah art and culture theme as a way of promoting Sabah, in Hollywood.

He said WCOPA is a tournament that is equivalent to the Olympica for the performing arts and participated by more than 50 countries from around the world from July 10 to 19.

"The walk-in audition will be held at sixth floor of the SIA building, KK Times Square while the registration is done at the ground floor and later they will be sent to third floor as the holding room.

"They can register with SPArKs prior to March 14 or just come register on the audition day. Each participant must pay an admission fee of RM90 to ensure they are committed and will attend the audition.

"The fee is also charged to each person in a group that cannot be more than six and a participant can take part in more than one category without any additional charge," he said, adding that the participant must be 15 and above.

For more information, he said those interested can contact SIA at 088-486799. Also present in the press conference were SIA Chief Executive Officer Prof. Dato' Dr Wilson Yong and its Business Development Manager Rizal Malik.

Cheong said Sabah Tourism Board (STB), which is one of the partners through Sri Pelancongan Sdn Bhd, will be involved with SPArKS and SIA to promote Sabah in WCOPA.

He said they have convinced the main sponsor and JKKN to bring the Sabah theme to the WCOPA for this year starting from the launching of the competition where each participant in the team will be wearing unique and colourful traditional attire from Sabah for the Parade of Nation event.

Apart from the exhibiting Sabah traditional costumes, Cheong said the participants will also be displaying Sabah culture in the championship under the category of dance and music.

However, if the chosen participant for vocal category is from Sabah, he said then the person must sing a song from one ethnic group in the State.

For modelling category, he said the Malaysian model will be exhibiting casual and formal designs from Sabah.




Daily Express
Publish date: 
Thursday, March 5, 2015