Traditional Theater


Makyung is a Malay performing arts with a combination of dance, music and drama which started in Pattani and later spread to the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, especially Kelantan since 400 years ago.

Using very attractive costumes, this unique performance  is accompanied by musical instruments sucha s the rebab (violin), tawak, gendang (drum), canang (gong), kesi  (small cymbals) and serunai (flute) , particularly when the performers enter and leave the stage.

Mek Mulung

This dance-drama is very popular in northern Kedah. The Mek Mulung has strong spiritual elements. Each dance is performed by dancers using different finger movements.

The dances usually performed in Mek Mulung are Tarian Sembah, Tarian Gambang, Tarian Puteri Mabuk, Tarian Menora andTarian Sirana.  All the dances are alternated with group singing and music.

Shadow Puppets (Wayang Kulit)

Wayang Kulit is also known as Wayang Gedek, Wayang Melayu and Wayang Purwo. This theatre performance is still very popular in Kelantan, Kedah, Johore and Terengganu.