Planning & Coordination Division

Puan Salmiyah

Salmiyah bt. Ahmad

Deputy Director 

Division Functions & Roles

  1. Planning Section
    • Planning of JKKN’s activities
    • Planning of JKKN’s Key Performance Indicator (KPI)
    • Planning of JKKN’s Strategic Plan
    • Management of information for Cabinet Papers and matters related to answers for Parliament
    • Feedback for Cabinet Meetings, Meetings of Chief Ministers, Conference of Rulers and others 
  2. Co-ordination Section
    • Co-ordination of Calendar of Activities on cultural arts
    • Secretariat for JKKN’s major festival (Kuala Lumpur Festival)
    • Annual Report of JKKN
    • Co-ordination of inter and intra-agency activities
    • Co-ordination of international programs.

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