National Department For Culture And Arts, JKKN Perlis


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National Department For Culture and Arts, Perlis

Complex National Department For Culture and Arts, Perlis

Persiaran Wawasan, 01000 Kangar, Perlis

Tel :04-979 3600/3604
Fax : 04-977 0117



At first, the cultural development of Perlis administered through Head of Northern Arts And Cultural Center on the ground floor of the building Sultan Abdul Halim, Alor Setar, Kedah. At that time, it's under the Ministry Of Tourism And Culture.

Office of Culture and the Arts was established in the state of Perlis in March 1993 in line with the development and wider office functions to achieve a balanced development of the country in terms of physical and spiritual development. Officials began to operate at Level 10, EPF Building, Jalan Bukit Lagi, Kangar with an area 143.58.m.p.

After the new federal building, Persiaran Jubli Mas ready, Prime Minister's Office has allocated space Perlis Culture and Arts at Level 8, with an area of 91.36.m.p. without payment of rent, water and electricity free of charge and supplied with equipment and furniture being applied and is operational on December 15, 1997.

The new office also provided amenities directors, officers room, resource room, kostium room and foyer.

Perlis JKKN complex formerly known as Taman Budaya Negeri Perlis began to be build in December 1999 and completed in April 2001 with value RM7,638,229.00. Land area is as wide as of 1.7787 hectares, which houses two building blocks of the auditorium block and the administration block. Seating capacity auditorium can accommodate 400 people.

Now, the Office of Culture and Arts Perlis called the Department of Culture and Arts, Perlis Perlis placed JKKN Complex located at Persiaran Wawasan, Kangar and was occupied in May 2001 until now.


Function / Role

  • Plan, implement, coordinate and enhance arts and cultural activities at the state and local
  • Implement and co-ordinate activities and the development of arts and cultural activities
  • Expanding and develop the arts and culture through nurturing, guiding and fanning populist art and culture.
  • Plan and coordinate the resources and collect and update information in the field of culture and arts, including an inventory of materials, figures, non-governmental organizations at the state and district.
  • Promote and widwspread information through various forms of art and culture promotion.
  • Plan and implement activities to strengthen non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
  • Provides cooperation and advisory services to the State Government and related agencies in matters related to the development of culture and arts.
  • Coordinate, planning, research, and develop creative industry products;
  • Intensify efforts to preserve and conserve the cultural arts.



Resource Center of Art and Culture

  • Provide the space to put reference materials such as books, magazines, reports and CD / VCD to guide and referral of students, researchers of culture, art lovers and the general public.


  • The Department of Culture has 2 Artists / Coach in dance Field and Theatre field. The coach can be applied to teach in their respective fields.


The activities carried out

  •  Periodic performances (performing arts dance & music)
  •  Senam Seni (exercise mass)
  •  Workshops / play classes @ theater, dance, music



  • Auditorium
  • Open air stage / laman seni (under the auditorium).
  • Seminar Room.
  • Acting Studio / Dance / Music.
  • Cultural Art Gallery
  • Art and Culture Library
  • Prayer room man / woman.
  • Toilet.
  • Parking / motorcycle.


Places nearby:

  • Bougainvillea Recreational Park.
  • Bukit Lagi Recreational Park.
  • Dataran Selera Rimba Alam Bukit Gua Sami.
  • Hotel Seri Malaysia.
  • Dewan 2020 (halls).
  • Petronas station.
  • driving training center.
  • Perlis Civil Defence Department Complex.
  • Ministry of Home Affairs Complex
  • Perlis State Legislative Assembly Complex.



  • Customers can use public transport by bus My Bus and taxi from Terminal Buses and taxis with a fare of approximately RM10.00 - RM12.00


Kompleks JKKN Perlis

                                                        BLOK PENTADBIRAN

                                                    BLOK AUDITORIUM

                                                       BILIK MESYUARAT

                                                       BILIK SEMINAR

                                                           STUDIO TARI


                                                     STUDIO MUZIK

                                                          LAMAN SENI

                                                  GELANGGANG GASING