National Department For Culture And Arts, JKKN Kedah


Sabarina binti Masadi


National Department For Culture And Arts, Kedah,
Lot PTD 400,
05250 Alor Setar,
Kedah Darul Aman.

Tel: 04-731 5930 (*205)
Fax : 04-7338128



The Ministry Of Culture, Youth And Sports Was Established On 16 May 1964, after 23 years of operation this Ministry has undergone changes in portfolio and broken up into two separate Ministry namely Ministry Of Culture And Tourism and The Ministry Of Youth And Sports On 20 May 1987. 
The office of Culture and Arts Of The State Of Kedah Darul Aman was established on 20 May 1987 and it became An Administrative Center Of The Northern Culture covering an area of Kedah Darul Aman, Perlis and Penang, known as The Center Of Culture, Arts And Tourism Northern Territory.  

Changes in the portfolio of  the Ministry was to cause some changes to the Office Of Culture And Arts Of The State Of Kedah Darul Aman. Finally On 1 January 1996, Taman Seni Budaya Negeri known as the Office Of Culture And Arts Of The State Of Kedah Darul Aman was created which is located Lot PTD 400, Pumpong, 05250 Alor Setar, Kedah Darul Aman.

The establishment of the  Culture And Arts of the State of Kedah has got the idea from Johor State Art Culture that can be used as a Centre for cultural activities and creative Art covers art, kids Art, Theater Art Dance, paintings, Art Crafts and other art and Intellectual activities in the State of Kedah. 

Now, Office of Arts and Culture commonly known as Kedah State Department Complex Culture and Arts, Kedah which houses 2 building blocks i.e. Block Auditorium and administration block. Facilities open for use by public and private agencies as well as local Ngo Culture aims for, disclosure, conservation development, development, education and promotion of culture and arts in the State of Kedah. Infrastructure is provided with a seat capacity Auditorium as many as 260 people, Open Stage, meeting room, resource centre and art galleries and other facilities.

Function / Role

  • of implementing research and development, documenting and publishing the cultural arts, guidance, development of cultural arts, cultural development, strengthening of cultural, artistic and production development and promotion of art culture.
  • Build a network of cooperation with cultural arts industry players, government agencies, private sector, non-governmental and cultural players from within and outside the country.   
  • Provide a platform for artistic players involved in economics through the cultural arts.  
  • Strengthen activities appropriate arts and culture as a tourist attraction in and outside the country.  
  • Enhance the effectiveness of the role of the State through 14 JKKN JKKN.


Cultural Arts Resource Centre 

  • provides a space which houses reference materials such as books, magazines, reports and CD/VCD to guide and reference researchers culture, art lovers and the general public. 
  • Sell printed reading materials like books, art and culture as well as CD/DVD to be used as reference of knowledge and a collection of private buyers.  

Cultural Art Gallery 

  • Showcasing local cultural performances such as activities Costume Mek Mulong, Presentation Equipment of Mek Mulong, equipment presentations of  Mak Yong Kedah, Equipment of Wayang Gedek and traditional games Kedah.  


  • The Department has two Cultural Artist as a Trainer in the field of Dance and Theatre. This coach service can be applied according to the required fields.  
  • External agencies can apply for a cultural performance Group Arts Service Department according to terms specified.



  • Publicizing cultural arts Programme (PMS)
  • Program Bimbingan Seni Budaya (PBSB) 
  • Scheduled Performances (dance, theatre arts and music) 
  • Senam Seni
  • Art Workshop/Class Playing kup theaters, dance, music 
  • Bazar Seni


  • Auditorium
  • Stage Open 
  • Seminar room 
  • Studio Playing/Dance/Music 
  • Art Gallery Cultural 
  • Resource Center cultural arts 
  • Surau Male/female 
  • Public Toilet
  • Car / Motorcycle parking space    


Places Nearby

  • Istana Anak Bukit 
  • Menara Alor Setar 
  • Pekan Rabu
  • Square Darul Aman 
  • Wisma Darul Aman 
  • Aman Central Mall 
  • Marts Petron 
  • Kedah Medical Central 
  • Kedah Royal Golf Club 
  • Restaurant Dragon Flower 


  • Visitors can use public transportation by bus and taxi from Shahab Terminal Bus and taxi fare with around RM 2.00 – RM 25.00


Kompleks JKKN Kedah


                                                                  Pintu Masuk Utama

                                                                BLOK PENTADBIRAN

                                                                 BLOK AUDITORIUM

                                                            RUANG DALAM AUDITORIUM      

                                                                BILIK MESYUARAT UTAMA

                                                                    PENTAS TERBUKA

                                                                   PENTAS BERGERAK

                                                                        SURAU LELAKI DAN PEREMPUAN       

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