Gamelan Music


Gamelan was introduced to Pahang during the reign of Sultan Ahmad Muadzam Shah.  His consort Tengku Ampuan Wan Fatimah has promoted the gamelan music. This was followed by the Sultan’s second wife Che Bedah. Their daughter Princess Tengku Meriam married Sultan Sulaiman and brought gamelan to Terengganu.

This music is played in both formal and informal functions and also to accompany the Pahang Joget Dance.  The gamelan music is played by 9 male musicians , with 6 female singers.

Instruments used in gamelan music include Gong Ageng, Gong Sawokan, Gendang Ibu, Gendang Anak, Saron Pekin, Saron Baron I, Saron Baron II, Gambang and Kenong.