Cultural Arts Guidance Division

Ruhani binti Mamat



Division Functions & Roles

Arts Coaching Clubs Section

To plan, co-ordinate and monitor the development of arts and culture guidance programs and implement activities of Arts Clubs, including the establishment and development of the following clubs :

  1. Kelab Tunas Budaya
  2. Kelab Giat Budaya
  3. Kelab Siswa Budaya and
  4. Cultural Arts Coaching Clubs for the people

To plan, co-ordinate and monitor activities related to arts and culture jointly organized with Culture Council of Universities of Malaysia (MAKUM) and institutions of higher learning

Module Development Section

To plan and produce modules to be used as reference materials by National Cultural Arts Trainers in the learning sessions of Arts Coaching Clubs

Training the Trainers Section

To plan, co-ordinate and monitor the Training the Trainers courses and development of modules.

List of National Cultural Arts Trainers

Information & explanation on the Logo of National Cultural Arts Trainers

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