Cultural Arts Enhancement Division

Marina bt. Abu Bakar


Division Functions & Roles

  1. To act as Secretariat for National Arts Award
  2. To plan, co-ordinate and implement supportive activities for National Arts Award including publications, exhibitions, documentation, presentation and workshops.
  3. To plan, co-ordinate and implement Guest Artistes Scheme
  4. To plan and co-ordinate assistance to related non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and arts companies
  5. To plan, co-ordinate and implement Training Scheme for Arts activists
  6. To prepare the mailing list of related NGOs
  7. To enhance the functions of related NGOs
  8. To plan and implement series of meeting and dialogue sessions with related NGOs
  9. To plan and implement long-term and short-term training courses
  10. To plan and manage annual expenses of the Division.