Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Rosli b. Osman
Deputy Director General (Policies & Planning)

Deputy Director General Office (Policies & Planning)
National Department for Culture and Arts
Level 30, Lot 1001, Menara TH Perdana
Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2614 8337
Fax: 03-2697 0875
Email: rosli[at]


The roles or Term of References of Malaysian CIO are as follows:

1.    To act as a change agent through the alignment of the public sector ICT strategic plan with the requirements of the national   development plan.
       a.    To drive Public Sector ICT Strategic Plan.
       b.    To strengthen Public Sector ICT governance.

2.    To strengthen ICT policy, standards and practice.
       a.    To drive adoption of Enterprise Architecture (EA) in public sector.
       b.    To drive suitable regulations/policies/standards/good practices in the implementation of Electronic Government.
       c.    To steer the implementation of ICT shared services in public sector.

3.    To encourage ICT acculturation in the Public Sector service delivery system.
       a.    To drive visionaries of ICT programs in public sector.

4.    To innovate in electronic government applications, infrastructure and ICT security.
       a.    To identify new generation services.
       b.    To drive information sharing towards cross-agency services.