The CakLempong


This is a small-size gong made of bronze  that produces melodious sounds.  Each player holds two cak lempung, taking turns to play and create short melodies. Other instruments such as the Seruling Buluh, Salung, Rebana and gong are played together with the cak lempong to accompany dance performances such as Pencak Silat, Candle Dance (Tari Lilin) , Randai and Tari Inai.

The cak lempong can be used as an alternative to other instruments like the Canang in Dikir Barat and ‘Shadow Play’ (Wayang Kulit) performances in Kelantan.

The cak lempong originated from the Minangkabau community in Negeri Sembilan and has spread to other states in Malaysia. This instrument is also taught in schools and institutions of higher learning.