Bongai is a traditional folk song of Negeri Sembilan.  It can be sung as solo, duet or in a group.  Bongai used to be very popular in the Malay community of Negeri Sembilan, especially in big gatherings like weddings.  It is also performed for specific purposes, especially as entertainment during the evenings, after working hard in the day time.

The musical instruments used in Bongai are violin, rebana(drum), gong, gendang(drum), salung(flute) and tumbuk kalang. Other instruments like cak lermpong, bangsi (external duct flute), accordion and others can also be used. Among the songs usually sung in Bongai are Anak Bocek, Petasih, Budu Landai, Cantik Manik, Comporni and others.